PE vs OV

Dear Patients,

A number of you have inquired about getting charges for a physical exam and an office visit during the same appointment. Insurance companies dictate how physicians bill for these services and we would like to offer an explanation:

Physical examinations are defined, particularly by insurers, as preventive visits. Prevention includes reviewing your personal and family medical history, determination of your risk for future health problems, recommendations for screening tests and lifestyle changes, immunizations, and physical examination.

Prevention does not include addressing specific, individual health problems, whether brought up by the patient or discovered by the provider during the exam. These health problems, injuries, and diseases take extra physician time and fall outside the realm of a Preventative visit.

As such, please understand that when we address your individual medical problems during a preventive visit, an additional office visit charge will be added to the charge for the preventive visit. Most insurers may shift co-payment/co-insurance/deductible back to you.

We are informing you about this so you are not surprised if you receive a charge for these additional services. The alternative is to schedule a separate appointment for a preventive visit and a problem visit.

We believe in taking the necessary time with our patients and we appreciate your trust and strive to provide the quality of care you deserve.

Thank you,
Internal Medicine Specialists of Atlanta, P.C.